It seems the mass media have succeeded in convincing everybody that the cleanest energy from the viewpont of the environment is the one produced by the wind generators. But let us ask purselves: What is wind, actually? The first person to ever think about this was Isaac Newton’s contemporary George Hadley. He established the presence of two circulation cells in the equatorial tropical atmosphere on both sides of the equator at 300 northern and southern latitudes, which bear his name for good reasons – Hadley’s cells. He was the first to realise the wind s not a chaotic movement of the air as people thought at the time. Actually, the air masses heated in the tropics transport the evaporated moisture in the troposphere. After the rains fall, the air masses in the form of wind return to the tropics. Hadley was wrong only about one thing. He thought the energy for this process was provided by the Sun, but he was right about one thing – the air in the northern and in the southern hemisphere do not mix.

At first sight, things are simple – wind blows, rain falls, but when the scientists went deep into the processes of evaporation – condensation, they faced a paradox. It appears that the amount of water evaporated from the surface of the ocean in one year is 2.5 times greater than the amount of water evaporated from the surface of the continents. However, the ratio of the amount of the precipitation over the ocean to the land is only 1.5. Where has the rest of the water gone?

It has not gone anywhere. It falls in the form of snow around the Earth’s maghetic poles /MP/. A long time ago, we had to become used to the thought that the procurement of precipitation for our planet for the humanity is not a priority. The aim of the thermal radiation of the atmospheric gases, as well as of the global atmospheric circulation, and of the warm currents in the ocean is one and the same. This is the exportation of heat formed in the Earth’s mantle into space. /For more details, see the article How to Delay the Coming of the End of the World./ Actually, the wet air transports the heat to the Earth’s MP. There, it is released during the condensation of the moisture and through the holes located in the ozone layer is exported into space. The dry air, which has become heavier, goes down to the Earth’s surface and returns.

In the past, the returning air masses had traditional routes – valleys and riverbeds. At present, most of these are developed with megapolises and the air has to find diversion routes. Of course, the wind velocity increases for this reason. The power engineers, having calculated the energy potential of the wind – for instance, 1,200 TWh, decided that the age of TPPs has ended for good. From now on, the problems of both ecology and energy will be solved by the wind generators. USA, for instance, plan to increase the capacity of wind generators to 120 GWt, and according to data provided by Global Wind Energy Council the total amount of the investments in wind energy by 2020 will be 149.4 billion Euros.

However, nobody seems to have considered the essence of this process. In nature, there is no free energy and there are no unnecessary things. Everything has its own place and in case of violation, nature aims at redressing the balance. By removing the energy from the air current to convert it into electricity, we are deteriorating the transfer of moisture in the interior of the continents and in the end we hamper the export of heat into space. Evaporation, especially in conditions of global warming, will constantly increase. However, the air will not have enough power in order to transfer the moisture to the poles and radiate the excessive heat into space. The condensation with release of thermal energy will be performed in the lower latitudes. This means that at some places there will be hurricanes and floods, while at others drought will rage. The problem of the shortage of drinkable water will be the topic of the day, and people will have to desalinate seawater. The power of the wind generators will prove insufficient and people will have to re-commission NPPs and TPPs. And the perspective seems even more dismal, as the main danger which the warming of the Earth’s climate will bring is the rise in the temperature of the core. As a result, the decrease in the induction of the magnetic field and the weakening of the magnetic shield over the planet will continue. This, in turn, will lead to a decrease in the density of the ozone layer and to the further intensification of the global climate warming on Earth.

Is there a way out of this situation? Of course there is. We need to reconsider the appropriateness of the installation of wind generators, especially near the northern outlines of the continents. The necessary energy, and what is more energy which is considerably cleaner from an ecological point of view, can be generated by the coal-fired TPPs. However, not conventional ones, but greened by analogy with my patent of invention Gaseous Mixtures Separation Device No. 50379 IPC C 04 C 5/08 with priority from 24.09.1991. The aim of this invention is the complete capture of flue gases through their separation to their components. Thus, thermal power stations will produce truly environmentally friendly energy, but what is more important, it will give us the opprtunity to increase the content of СО2 in the ground-level layer. This, in turn, will improve people’s life fundamentally.

Judging by the publications in the mass media, the champions of “green energy” have forgotten that life on Earth exists only owing to the capacity of the plants to convert water and СО2, i.e. minerals, into food. At present, the content of СО2 in the air is 0.04%; however, at the moment of the beginning of life its content was at least 200 times greater. The memory of that has been preserved by the cells of our organism. They contain 6.5% СО2. We need to realise – if СО2 disappears from the air, life on Earth will also disappear. In our days, due to the shortage of СО2 in the air grows the number of the diseases and forest fires, and every year a territory equal to the size of Switzerland is added to the total area of the deserts. To improve people’s health condition and reduce the expansion of the deserts can be achieved only in one way – by increasing the СО2 content in the ground-level air. Thus, we will give the plants the opportunity to absorb the maximum possible amount of СО2 produced by our civilisation.

Below is a description of the conceptual design for greening of a unit of a coal-fired TPP.

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