As we have already understood, OL comprises a simple and exceptionally reliable mechanism. The conveyors supplying oxygen to MF operate on a non-stop basis. From there, the formed ozone is continuously channeled into the stratosphere of the lower latitudes. Absorbing the ultraviolet radiation of the Sun, the ozone molecules dissociate and release energy obtained by the charged particles. At this point, a peculiar separation is performed: the formed oxygen molecules which are heavier than the nitrogen drop to the troposphere, and the atomic oxygen flies into the ionosphere.

OL has been performing its functions for hundreds of millions of years. It has protected life on Earth from the dangerous radiation of the Sun and ensured optimal thermal conditions on the planet. The natural enemy of OL is only one. It is the hydrogen that forms continuously in the Earth’s mantle. Being the lightest element in the Universe, it uses even the smallest crack in the mantle and the Earth’s crust to escape from the subsoil, and then to accelerate to the second cosmic velocity and leave the native planet forever. Passing through OL as fast as lightning, it destroys the ozone molecules and in this way creates anomalies in it.

However, with the advent of the age of fire and steam the situation changed. The conveyors supplying oxygen to MF start delivering there more and more gaseous substances produced by our mechanised civilisation. Their neutralisation requires the use of ozone and as a result of that less and less ozone goes to the lower latitudes. As a result, beginning as early as the middle of last century, the cited OL density has been reduced from four to three milimetres.

The reason for this becomes clear if we remember what changed in the world then. That was the time when intense tests of nuclear weapons, launching of rockets in space and flights of aeroplanes in the stratosphere began. They started direct deliveries of nitrogen oxide (NО) to OL. This oxide does not exist in nature. It is the product of our civilisation, as it is formed as a result of the thermal ionisation of nitrogen and oxygen, i.e. in the kilns of plants and electric power stations and in the combustion chambers of the engine. A large amount of this oxide is formed during explosions, especially the nuclear and thermonuclear ones, as in addition to thermal ionisation the nitrogen and oxygen molecules are ionized with the entire radioactive radiation spectrum. One of the specific properties of NO makes it the perfect means for destroying OL – the rate of oxidation n it is in iverse proportion to the temperature (Т–1)


Constant of the oxidation speed of NО

 Т0С Oxygen partial pressure kg/cm2
0.02 0.05 010 0.15 0.20
 30 0.8 2.1 4.3 6.4 8.6
 0 1.4 3.4 6.9 10.3 13.8
 -30 1.8 4.5 9.0 13.5 18.0


In the stratosphere, where the temperature is even lower than -500С, NO has the perfect conditions for it. It becomes immediately involved in a reaction with the ozone, forming a nitrogen dioxide – NO2. NO + O3 = NO2 + O2.

This is how places of low ozone content in OL are created, through which additional amount of solar radiation reaches the Earth.

The reason for the fact that this process has accelerated in the last decades is the huge number of flights of passenger planes. They fly at the end of the troposphere, and the exhaust gases head directly to OL.


               I suppose everyone is clear now what debatable favour the freon theory has done for the depletion of OL. As, while the entire world continues to fight freons, the other remaining pollutants continue the destruction of OL undisturbed. However strange it might seem, the authors of this theory do not quit. Recently, a new promise was published: OL will recover by 2050 if all the 196 countries signatories to the Protocol fulfil their undertaken commitments.

So, what should we do? This is exactly how Nasreddin Hoca lied his way out of a fix when he was invited to visit a dying sick man. He declared he would heal hm if none of those present thought of a monkey.

Naturally, the sick man died, but only because, as the bereaved relatives admitted, a monkey was grimacing in the mind’s eye of each person present.

To cut a long story short, science suggests to us the only solution – not to think about the aggravating condition of OL and it will recover.

However, this goal can be achieved in another way, too. A device for lightning protection of the electrical grids can be used for continuous ozone generation, as described on my website. In addition, it is necessary that everyone disposing of pollutants in the Earth’s atmosphere must use ozone generators. What is more, the amount of the produced ozone should match the amount of the depleted one. For example, the fuselages of the aircrafts can be equipped with corona discharges and supplied with high voltage. The energy consumption for the air ionisation is small, but each molecule of the formed ozone will be transported to OL by the magnetic force lines.

To cut a long story short, other ways can also be sought, we only should not take a swa to the branch we are sitting at, while engaged in our fight against the freons, as we have done so far.

There is no other choice.

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