In the last decades, in various corners of our planet people are more and more often attacked by unbearable heatwaves. The fact that hundreds of people in India and Pakistan die of it can be explained. However, the fact that the peple living in the middle latitudes also suffer from the same trouble should make the scientific world try to find the reason. Of course, scientists have found it immediately – the greenhouse gases are to blame for all of this.

It seems they do not know that the reason for this anomaly is located literally above their heads. These are the occurring in the Earth’s ozone layer places of abnormally low ozone content. Through them, the Earth’s surface is attacked by an amount of both light and ultraviolet energy which is greater than the normal one.

We have been persuaded for more than 20 years that the already achieved discontinuation of the production and use of CFCs will finally lead to the recovery of the ozone layer /OL/ and closing of the ozone hole in Antarctica. So, we continue to wait patiently for the fulfilment of the promises, although in this period the total ozone content has decreased by 25%. In addition, we are trying not to pay attention to the diseases caused by the rise in the ultraviolet radiation of the Sun.

Judging by everything so far, the costly campaign for OL recovery through the prohibition of the production and use of CFCs is nothing but a lie and deception. What conclusion can we draw? Only one – for the modern science, the processes of OL formation and destruction are a complete mystery. That is why all events undertaken so far for its recovery have failed to produce the expected result. Consequently, if the struggle with the CFCs does not stop it, we will have to become used to to the anomalous heatwaves and the increase in UV radiation. That is why now we will try to clarify what is actually necessary to be done to recover OL and eliminate the anomalous heatwaves.

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