I hope we are all already clear that the possibility to change the of our civilisation still exists. We should start capturing part of the ions before they penetrate the Earth. One of the possible options is described in my application for issuance of a patent for invention. After its realisation, the destructive earthquakes and will stop, and the expression “global warming” will go out of circulation as the average temperature will start going down immediately. Of course, to stop the rise of the ocean levels, we will have to return the obtained hydrogen to space. For us, however, will remain the helium isotopes and the enormous energy from the deionisation of the caught ions. It may be converted into 100% environment-friendly energy. But as the place of their capture will be Antarctica, we will be at a loss what to do with it. Nevertheless, the suggested method provides the opportunity for realisation of the eternal dream of a source of ecologically clean energy

It all depends on helium-3, more precisely in the thermonuclear reaction of the helium synthesis with participation of deuterium and helium-3 nuclei. When 1 t of helium-3 and 0.67 t of deuterium participate in the reaction, it releases energy equivalent to the burning of 15 tons of petroleum. This reaction is practically safe with regard to the radiation, and that is why it is considered the basis of the thermonuclear energy of the future. To fulfil the annual need for energy, it is necessary to have available only 100 t of helium-3.

Anyway, there is no helium-3 on the Earth. However, the lunar soil, as a result of bombardment by the solar wind, has accumulated a certain number of the nuclei of this isotope. 1 ton of the lunar soil contains 0.01 g of helium-3. Although this amount is, frankly speaking, miserable, there are projects for production and transportation of the lunar soil to the Earth. Moreover, NASA are working on a project for on-site processing of the soil and delivery of helium-3 to the Earth. Unlike these projects, the method suggested by us allows for its production on the Earth, and in unlimited amounts.

The tragic scenario

I hate to say it, but I have to discourage you from excessive optimism. History teaches us that making science go off its beaten tracks involves great effort.

Generally speaking, the strive for truth is intrinsic to the human; however, the hostility to dissenters and unwillingness to accept other people’s ideas is even more intrinsic. About ten years ago, I offered the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe in a letter the experimental capture of the solar plasma in accordance with my application for invention. I tried to explain the importance and the need for the realisation of my idea to Japan and our entire civilisation. Trying to appeal to his patriotism, I explicitly emphasised that this project gives Japan the opportunity to say farewell to the earthquakes.

I cannot do much, I have not received a reply to the letter; however, ten years later some answer came, indeed indirect, but one that exceeded my worst nightmares. This was the project Chikyū Hakken, which intends to destroy our civilisation.

The Chikyū Hakken experiment must be stopped as early as possible, and the allocated funds should be used to solve the main problem – how to stop the approaching End of the World. In connection with this, I would like to address again the Prime Ministre of Japan and appeal to the common sense of the project participants.

Dear Prime Minister, dear participants in the JAMSTEC project,

The radiocarbon dating has shown that in the last 40 thousand years there have been several ice ages on the Earth. The last was approximately 10,400 years ago. The Earth’s mantle is overfilled with compressed gases. The pressure in it is calculated as as trillions of bars. Since the middle of the previosu century, compressed gases have started penetrating the Earth’s crust. There has been an expansion of the crust combined with a number of earthquakes. A few years remain until the Global catastrophe with break of the Earth’s crust and the beginning of the next ice age. However, if you start drilling to the Earth’s mantle, you will only accelerate the coming of the Global catastrophe, which will destroy everything created by our civilisation. That is why the experiment for penetration in the Earth’s mantle must be stopped.

To delay the coming of the Global catastrophe is possible, but only in one way – by capturing the ions of the solar plasma. I suggest making a device for their capture and proceeding with its putting into operation.

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