After having revealed the mechanism of the galactic obligations of our planet, I felt compelled to publish it on the Internet as the Theory for Management of the Earth’s Climate. Much to my surprise, no one paid attention to my publication. Anyway, I continued my work and created a method and a device that could stop the coming of the Global catastrophe. However, my attempt to obtain a patent with my application WO 2005/022552 A1 10.03.2005. PORVA, Anatoly Method and device for utilization of solar energy failed.

All events occurring after that confirm my theory. Thus, I understood that it can make a forecast for the future. What amazed me the most, however, was that my conclusions entirely coincided with the predictions of the great prophets of the inevitability of the Global catastrophe. According to Isaac Newton’s calculations, this catastrophe and the decline of our civilisation should happen in 2060. However, reality seems to be ready to make adjustments in this prediction.

Let us start with the fact that Japan announced its intention to reveal the mysteries of the earthquakes. Iis project Chikyū Hakken (the translation from Japanese is Earth Discovery), which costs at least a billion and a half dollars, envisages the drilling through the seafloor and penetration into the Earth’s mantle. They intend to extract from it core samples for further studies. The record-breaking drilling is planned to happen 600 km southwest of Tokyo. The deadline for the project realisation is 5 years. USA, the European Union, China and South Korea also participate in the project.

No matter what we do, we have to admit that Dante Alighieri was absolutely right when he said that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Because the doors to Hell will open before the drilling of the last metres of the Earth’s crust. In the end, from a technical point of view, the globe is nothing but a pressurised container. Drilling the wall of such a container even at a single point causes the tearing of its wall.

To cut a long story short, the scientists from the country of the rising sun are trying to revive the Kamikaze ritual. Owing to them, the global catastrophe will start before the pressure in the subsoil reaches the critical value in a natural way. Of course, the attributes of this catastrophe will be more modest than those predicted according to the galactic programme, but they will remain the same as during the Deluge. The tragedy will start with an earthquake with magnitude of 10 and formation of a volcanic crater at the place of the borehole. Through it, the compressed gases, the overheated vapours, mantle substance and pieces from the seafloor together with the scientific drilling ship will be ejected outside the atmopshere. Simultaneously, a tsunami “as high as the highest mountains” will fling out on the continents. Soon after that the Earth’s crust will shrink, the level of the ocean will rise and the ice age wll begin. The infrastructure will be destroyed, all the nuclear reactors will suffer the fate of Fukushima, and the rivers and the dams will be filled with seawater. Perhaps this was the moment Vanga had in mind when predicting that the water will become more precious than gold. The majority of the Earth’s population will die at the very beginning of the catastrophe, but the rest will also be in an unenviable position as they will face an ice age.

Attempts to take a peek into the Earth’s mantle have been made repeatedly. In the Soviet Union, for instance, they managed to drill 12 kilometres of the Earth’s crust. This drilling was no threat to us as the thickness of the Earth’s crust in the region of the Kola Peninsula is about 50 kilometres.

If one tries to understand what gives the geological science a reason to do such risky experiments, they will receive an unexpected answer. It appears that they have no idea what is underneath and what may happen. This is understood fom an explanation provided by Damon Teagle from the University of Southampton in Great Britain – a co-leader of the project: “The mantle – this is the motor of our planet. The processes, which never stop for even a minute, make the continents and lithospheric plates move, cause earthquakes, tsunami, and volcanic eruptions”. However strange it may sound, science admits for the first time that it has no idea of the origin of this monstrous energy, and that they intend, figuratively, to pull the Devil by the tail. This means only one thing – no action should be taken before they understand how huge this energy is and how it enters the Earth’s mantle.

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