The number of the charged particles penetrating the subsoil every year is enormous. It comprises a 1 followed by 40 zeros. However, they are so small that this entire amount could go in a beer bottle. Anyway, as it was already mentioned, at the moment of conversion of the ions into atoms their volume aims at becoming trillions of times bigger. To what can this lead? Naturally, to the break of the old cracks in the layers of the mantle accompanied by deep-focus earthquakes.

This continued to the middle of 20th century. It seems that the mantle then was already overfilled with compressed gases and they began penetrating under the Earth’s crust. An expansion of the Earth’s crust started. However, as a result of a number of Global catastrophes suffered by it, it had also become a mosaic of lithospheric plates. For this reason, its expansion also occurred through the break of the old cracks and raising the ends of the tectonic plates. Such pulls and raises we perceive as shallow-focus earthquakes.

The expansion of the globe should be signalled to us by the lengthening of the passing year by a second, to which we pay no attention at all. But let us try, according to the conservation of the moment law, to calculate the length in centimetres by which the equivalent Earth radius should be extended to make the duration of a year increase by one second.

It appears that this reduction of the speed of rotation was caused by the lengthening of the equivalent radius of the Earth by only 10 centimetres. At first sight, this is a trifle; however, the distance between the continents as a result of it increased by 63 good centimetres. Now let us go back in time. The first extra second to a passing year was added on 30.06.1972. since then, the addition to an extra second to the passing year has been done 24 times. This means that the relative radius of the Earth has increased by two and a half metres since the second half of the last century, and the distance between the continents increased by 16 metres.

There is one more confirmation of this process. In 1851, i.e. 165 years ago, the location of the Greenwich meridian was established. Until last year, this place was the subject of pride of the entire British Commonwealth. If we assume that the rate of expansion of the Earth’s crust remained constant, the meridian for that time should have moved eastwards by:

165 х 0.60 m = 99 m.

The obtained result is confirmed by satellite measurements. The Greenwich meridian is currently located 100 m further to the east. Actually, the meridian stays in its old place in the Earth’s mantle, which preserved its speed of rotation, but the Earth’s crust fell behind the mantle by 100 m for the time passed.

This process is also confirmed by geographers. They established that the North Magnetic Pole is continuously moving towards the Russian Arctic, and the height of the Himalayas is increasing by several centimetres with each passing year. Astronomers established the same. They noticed even earlier, calculating and comparing the times of the lunar eclipses that the Earth is slowing down the speed of its rotation and the days are becoming longer. I do not know how this is possible, but they claim that from year 700 to date the delay is equal to 7 hours.

Proof of the continuous expansion of the Earth’s crust is also provided by the earthquakes. Since the middle of the last century, their number has increased thousands of times, with shallow-focus ones dominating among them. Why? The possible reason is as follows. The Earth’s crust, falling behind the mantle, captures it with its protrusions and generates a seismic wave.

The ongoing today process of expansion of our globe started 12 – 13 thousand years ago, i.e. after the last Global catastrophe, known as “The Deluge”. It will continue until the next Global catastrophe. Then, the pressure of the gases, reaching a critical value, will raise again the floor of the Atlantic Ocean and will turn it into a new continent. Why exactly the Atlantic Ocean? Because this is the youngest ocean and the thickness of its floor is smaller than that of the other oceans. Tsunami will head west and east, with a height of several kilometres, sweeping away everything in their way. Thus Edgar Cacey’s prediction that Atlantis will rise again to the surface, and the USA and the European countries will be razed to ruins will come true.

The pressure of the gases, however, will continue to rise. At some point the floor raised to the surface will break and the Earth will be shaken by an earthquake with magnitude of 10. It will destroy everything spared by the tsunamis.

The hydrogen, together with the helium, accumulated over a period of thousands of years, and overheated water vapours will fly into space with a deafening roar. Part of the Earth’s crust, caught by them, will turn into the core of a new comet. The previous floor of the ocean, turned into land, will shrink, and its geosynclines will be transformed into mountain ranges on the new continent. The speed of the planet’s rotation will increase, and the Greenwich meridian will be moved far to the West. The level of the World Ocean, just like that happened during the Deluge, will rise by 100-150 metres, and the outlying parts of the existing continents will become ocean shelf. The Great Lakes will be connected to the Gulf of Mexico, and the Baltic Sea – to the Black Sea. The weather will become very cold, which will automatically lead to an Ice Age. However, as the process of atom synthesis will not stop, after several thousand years the ice again will retreat to the Poles and the representatives of the new biosphere will occupy the vacant places.

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