You have visited Anatoly Porva’s website. You are about to familiarise yourself with the galactic role assigned to our planet, as well as with events and facts from the surrounding reality which the official science misinterprets.

About fifteen years ago, I formulated a hypothesis that the Global catastrophes which periodically changed the appearance of our planet are not accidental. There had to be a system which would allow the complete or almost complete destruction of life on Earth 28 times by now. It appears that such a system really exists and now our world is heading towards yet another Global catastrophe. On the other hand, however, the realisation of this system has given me the opportunity to create an invention which allows for the discontinuation of this inexorable sequence of catastrophes. It has not been accepted to date, but I hope that the articles published on this website will help you understand that the suggested solution is the only option to save our world from the approaching catastrophe.

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