Тhe solar activity and the worrying future of the power grids

According to published data, only in the period from 1990 to 2000, the natural disasters have affected about 2 billion people, 188 million of them were seriously injured, and about 700 thousand died. Moreover, the number of natural disasters has doubled with every decade. My theory presents a solution how to reduce the force of hurricanes and earthquakes and even to stop the global warming. We’ll present later the whole theory, and for now, we will focus on the examination of the predicted approaching problem of a collapse of the power grids. During that, you’ll learn how you can save electrical network from storm overvoltage. It’ll become clear why the cosmic dust continuously falls on the Earth’s surface, but it doesn’t on the Moon and Mars. In addition to this, we will reveal the secrets of the origin of the meteorites such as the Tungus and the Chelyabinsk one and you will realize that everything in this world is connected together.

In the autumn of 1859 the young English astronomer Richard Carrington observed a group of dark spots on the surface of the Sun and noticed how two big bright white globes exploded. Those were gigantic fountains of incandescent gas, known as protuberances. Their height reached millions of kilometres, and the area occupies by them could fit not less than a hundred terrestrial globes. They gazed into our planet like the eyes of infuriated giants. Five minutes later, the “eyes” closed one after the other and after 17 more hours billions of tons of charged particles, moving at a speed of at least ten million kilometres at that, hit the Earth’s magnetosphere. The Aurora borealis caused by it covered the entire sky. It became as bright as day. Electrical grids did not exist yet, but the telegraph lines immediately went out of order due to the over voltages occurring in them. Sparks started coming out of the telegraph devices, which set alight the ticker tape and painfully stung the telegraph operators, and at places even caused fires. After the name of the discoverer, this event went down in history as the “Carrington flare”.

Fig.1. Solar activity cycles

Fig.1. Solar activity cycles

As will be further clarified, the area of the dark spots on the solar surface and the time of their stay on it show the amount of energy the Sun receives from the expanses of the Universe in the form of fluxes of charged particles. After some time, the Sun will send the same amount of additional energy to its planets in the form of a flux from charged particles, called Solar wind.

The graphs published by NASA (fig.1а) provide us with a visual idea of the amount of this additional energy that the Sun gives to its planets in each of the last twelve 11-year cycles. Meanwhile, based on a computer model which has already proved its accuracy with the past events, US scientists and NASA experts forecast that the current 24th cycle of solar activity will exceed the previous cycle with regard to the power of its impact on our planet (fig. 1b).

Moreover, in an elementary logical manner, and maybe under the influence of the Mayan prophecies of the end of the world, they make a forecast for a solar flare that is fatal for the Earth’s energetics. According to them, it should have happened as early as at the end of the past 2012, and if not then, in the first half of 2013.

The catastrophic solar plasma ejection will lead to paralyzation of the energy systems because of non-functioning of the transformers of the key substations. This will not only make them switch off the grid as a result of the failures caused by the atmospheric overvoltages, as has happened before. Their coils will melt, which will render the further repair of the transformers impossible. This will lead to complete stoppage of the operation of gas and petrol transmission pipelines, the product storage systems, the lifts, traffic lights, etc.

If a similar flare really occurs on the Sun, then millions of people will become its indirect victims and the scientists are completely right about that in their suggestions. Only they are not aware of the fact that their forecasts are not more than Turkish coffee divination.

Let us start with the fact that the very existence of the solar activity cycles means only one thing – other stars periodically appear between the energy flux source and the Sun. If this, God forbid, turns out a class O supergiant, spots on the Sun will disappear for a long time and a “small Ice Age” will start again on the Earth. In addition, flares of a high class occur on the Sun practically in every 11-year cycle, and this does not depend on the power of the very cycle. The Carrington flare, for instance, occurred during a cycle that was not notable for anything special, and in its very beginning at that. Consequently, both the flare itself and the accurate hit of solar plasma on our planet follow the “Russian roulette” principle rather than a computer analysis.

Thus the Sun, albeit being the reason for the forthcoming disasters, will not be directly culpable for that. Anyway, up until now no one has found an instrument of crime guilty. What is meant by that will be clarified below. The aim of this presentation is to prove that the true culprit for the electrical grid failures caused by atmospheric overvoltages has always been and continues to be the very human. So, after we realise this truth, we will not only be able to avoid the tragic consequences from the solar flare, but will also make the electrical grids a lot more reliable and at the same time cheaper.

All this is feasible, but the very situation in the modern scientific world reminds me of the situation in which Galileo lapsed, when he tried to explain to the heads of the Church that the Sun does not revolve around the Earth, but it is the other way round. We all know the sad ending of this story – the ingenious scientist, in order to avoid the stake, like Giordano Bruno, renounced his concepts.

I could have held it back too, but my conscience forbids me, as we still have time and the opportunity to change our fate. To this end, energy experts need to be convinced that namely their actions directed towards tackling the atmospheric overvoltage – lightning protection and earthing in the electrical installations – will become the reason for the forthcoming tragedy. To understand that, however, these experts should first try to look at the Earth from the outside.

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