How to remove lightning-induced overvoltages in the power grids

If we make a brief summary of the conducted research, it will be as follows. The Sun, similarly to a repeater, forwards to the planets a flux of the charged particles arriving from the Universe abysses. The galactic obligation of our planet is to convert them into atoms. One of the methods to perform this obligation is lightning activity. In the form of main lightning discharge, the electrons from the Earth’s mantle go to the ionosphere, where atom formation is performed. OL towers are used to cause lightning strikes. The main lightning discharge current, while going through the ED, generates atmospheric overvoltages.

I hope now it is clear to everyone that the only reason for the failures of the networks as a result of lightning-induced overvoltage is human activity. It is the consequence of the failure to understand the purposes of the lightning discharge, and that is why the effect of the lightning protection cannot be different from the one achieved by Don Quixote in his fight with the windmills.

The way out of the established situation logically stems from the conducted analysis – we need to muster enough courage and abandon the existing methods of lightning protection – construction of ED and installation of lightning protection cables. To minimize the possibility of lightning strikes in the electrical facilities, we need to ally with our planet, i.e. to help it send electrons to the ionosphere. To this end, it is sufficient to establish earthed masts with ionizing devices at certain places near the OPL route and the substations. They will create in the atmosphere channels through which the electron flux from the terrestrial bowels will be continuously transported to the ionosphere, leaving the electrical facilities at peace.

The cost of OPL construction will decrease as the insulator garlands will become shorter and the towers – lower, and the need for an ED facility and installation of light protection cables will not exist. The maintenance of the grids will become safer for the staff due to the elimination of the possibility for reverse overlapping from the earth to the conductive parts. The cost of the high-voltage equipment in the substations will decrease after the abandonment of the ED equipment. Of course, in the new conditions the signal for an earth fault will have to be transmitted with the help of a cable, but this will not be very complex to achieve. This is how we can make the possible defeat a victory and achieve cheaper, more reliable and safer for the people electricity supply.

These by far are not all advantages of the suggested method. The new method for a network facility will help us solve two more topical issues.

The electrons, rising upwards, will ionize the oxygen atoms, which means that they will continuously generate ozone. Ozone is a diamagnetic and that is why the power lines of the Earth’s magnetic fields will rise it to the stratosphere (you can read about that in detail in my book). As a result, this solution will help the recovery of the Earth’s ozone layer. The ionized oxygen atoms in turn will become centers of condensation. As a result of this activity, in the region of the electrical grid will be created microclimate with regular rains of weak intensity.

Avoiding transformers’ non-functioning in the existing electrical grids during a fatal solar flare is also not complicated. It is sufficient to install a  capacitor tuned in resonance with the inductiv reactance of the transformer. In case of an earth current, it will let the short circuit current pass, which is necessary for the operation of the protection relays, but will be an insurmountable barrier for the direct current of the main discharge of the lightning. This uncomplicated operation will help us not only to save the transformers during an expected powerful solar flare. Owing to it, they will even continue to operate during a magnetic storm in a state of integrity and entirety.

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